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Kavach, The Indian Technology That Can Prevent Two Trains From Colliding

The Untold Saga of Chaos on the Tracks: Unraveling the Enigma of a Railway Collision

In the heart of Odisha’s Bahanaga Bazar station, an electrifying incident has left the nation spellbound. A mystifying collision between the mighty Coromandel Express and a motionless goods train has unleashed chaos, claiming the lives of 288 individuals and leaving over 800 wounded. As the dust settles and hearts yearn for answers, the railway authorities’ vague statements have left us hungering for a comprehensive account of this bewildering tragedy.

  •  A Dance with Destiny
    The Setting:
    Imagine the scene: a moonlit night, the rhythmic clattering of steel wheels against the tracks, and three trains hurtling toward a convergence of fate. Welcome to Bahanaga Bazar station in Odisha’s Balasore district, where two passenger trains dared to cross paths while a dormant goods train lay silently in wait.
  • The Coromandel Express:
    Our first protagonist, the illustrious 12841 Coromandel Express, embarked on a grand voyage from Shalimar station in Kolkata/Howrah, bound for Chennai. Having gallantly traversed Kharagpur and Balasore, it seemed destined for triumph. The train marched resolutely on its scheduled path, bypassing Bahanaga Bazar station without a moment’s pause at precisely 7:01 pm.
  • A Tapestry of Tracks
    The Intricate Network:
    At the heart of Bahanaga Bazar lies a labyrinthine web of tracks. Here, the Up Main Line snakes its way toward Chennai, while the Down Main Line beckons those bound for Howrah. Two alluring loop lines entice trains to rest, offering passage to swifter counterparts on the main lines. But on that fateful night, the stage was set for an unexpected twist.
  •  The Plot Thickens
    Signaling Shenanigans:
    In the realm of railways, signals dictate the locomotive’s course, eclipsing the visual cues that darkness may conceal. As we await the official inquiry’s verdict, whispers from within the Railways suggest a potential signaling error played a part in this tragic tale. A green signal paved the way for the Coromandel Express to traverse the designated main line. But as fate would have it, this signal mysteriously vanished, ensnaring the train within the loop line’s clutches.
  •  The Cataclysm Unleashed
    Collision Course:
    The Railways’ succinct report paints a harrowing picture. At full throttle, the Coromandel Express raced through the station, oblivious to its unscheduled diversion. In a tragic twist of fate, the train’s unyielding momentum thrust it headlong into the stationary goods train, resulting in a spine-chilling amalgamation of steel and wreckage. Glimpses of the aftermath reveal the Coromandel’s locomotive perched precariously atop the once dormant goods train, a haunting symbol of a calamity gone awry.
  •  Seeking Answers Amidst the Rubble
    The Locomotive’s Dilemma:
    As investigators unravel the enigma, scrutiny falls upon the Coromandel Express’s intrepid driver, often hailed as the “loco pilot.” Railway officials delve into the depths of signaling failure while also examining the driver’s potential role in this catastrophic affair. However, let us not forget the staggering reality: trains, colossal masses of steel propelled by titanic engines, possess a momentum that defies swift cessation. Even with emergency brakes engaged, the Coromandel Express, hurtling at “full speed,” was poised for tragedy, demanding an unfathomable distance to halt its course.
  •  Collateral Damage
    A Twist

of Fate:
As the Coromandel Express plunged into its ill-fated rendezvous, a third player emerged from the shadows—the 12864 Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal Bengaluru-Howrah Express. This valiant train traversed the Down main line, heading toward Howrah in the opposite direction. While most of the Bengaluru-Howrah Express had successfully maneuvered past the accident site, the final few coaches bore the brunt of this collision course. Whether crushed by the toppling coaches of the Coromandel Express or shaken by the reverberations echoing through the ground and tracks, their plight added a tragic layer to this tale.

As the story of this cataclysmic collision draws to a close, haunting questions linger in the air. How did routine journeys unravel into nightmares? Who bears the weight of responsibility for this grievous tragedy? As we anxiously await the unveiling of truth through meticulous investigation, one thing remains clear—only time will unmask the secrets hidden within the chaos of that fateful night on the tracks of Bahanaga Bazar station.

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