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Dog scares off bear that sneaked inside a home


A remarkable video footage captures the astonishing moment when a bear manages to enter a house while the family’s dog bravely steps in to protect them. In an unexpected turn of events, a black bear sneaked into a home in upstate New York after the front door was left open. Fortunately, the courageous dog, Harper, prevented a potentially dangerous situation from escalating.

Now This News shared the extraordinary clip on Wednesday, showcasing the bear’s stealthy entry through the front door and its subsequent movement towards the kitchen. However, Harper immediately sprang into action, barking fiercely at the intruder. Startled by the dog’s response, the bear swiftly retreated through the front door, allowing the quick-thinking homeowner to close it promptly. However, the bear lingered outside the closed door, visibly present and hesitant to leave.

The accompanying caption by Now This News reads, “That’s one brave dog: When a nosy black bear managed to get inside a family’s kitchen in their upstate NY home, their dog Harper sprang into action to scare off the potential predator.” This heartwarming incident serves as a testament to the protective instincts and bravery of our loyal canine companions.

Watch the video below:




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